Taxi/Private Hire

If you’re looking to become a licensed taxi/private hire driver, we can help you through your test and progress into your new career.

We can prepare you to the highest standards and maximise your chances of passing the DSA test first time.

How Does It Work?

Our instructors will observe your driving in different road conditions and give you constructive feedback on the areas you need to adjust in order to be successful and on your way to become licensed by Brighton & Hove City Council.

We will then work with you to structure appointments to help you tighten up in these areas.

The aim is always to make you an even more confident, responsible and safe driver especially as your new career will be as a driving professional working with the public.

The DSA test can be booked online here and comprises a 40 minute drive, similar to your driving test, with emphasis on pulling over to the left to make it safe for your passengers, carrying out manouevres and focussing on the ‘cabology’ element of the highway code as well as ensuring you are a safe and courteous driver.

When you are successful you will receive your TPH10 certificate which enables you to go on to be licensed by Brighton & Hove City Council.

For more information on taking steps towards gaining your private hire and taxi licence click here.

To book your initial assessment with our instructors drop us a line, call or click here

“When I decided to get some professional advice on the Private Hire Assessment I was a little apprehensive – although I had been driving for ten years I had inevitably picked up some bad habits – and I thought the instructor at Forza would have a field day when I had an initial appointment. He was really helpful, giving me a lot of information about what is involved and what to research for the test, constructively correcting areas of my driving and getting me to drive in a manner that would not cause potential passengers anxiety (as I did have a habit of approaching junctions and driving through narrowing situations a little bit quick). On the first appointment he told me how many hours I would need to tidy up my driving before the DSA assessment, which now looking back I realise I needed. I took my assessment and passed with 2 faults and qualified for my Private Hire licence three months later”.

Liam, Hove