Nervous Drivers

Our instructors are specifically selected for their friendly, patient approach and we have worked with many people over the years who, for whatever reason, are nervous behind the wheel.

We always work at a pace that suits you; in this way our training methods will increase your confidence in your driving. We’ll never put you in a road situation that you do not feel ready for or confident enough to deal with.

The driving test itself can be a nerve wracking time; in order to help you with this we arrange for you to have a ‘mock test’ with a different instructor to give you an idea of test conditions and to fully prepare you. This has helped many people overcome their nerves and go on to successfully pass the practical test.

“I started learning with Forza Driver Training as I needed a driving licence for work; I was very nervous when I first started but straight away Simon really put me at ease. Although it took me a while to grasp some things Simon always remained patient and positive; he somehow always had the ability to make sure I felt I had done well and I really enjoyed learning with him. It took me a few tests to pass as I struggled with nerves but Simon was able to make sure I never felt bad; I would have found it a lot harder to keep going if it wasn’t for his kindness and support- I would, and do, recommend him to everyone!”

Nicky, Hove