Refresher Sessions

One of the things we specialise in is helping people with their confidence when driving. This can either be done in your car or our dual controlled cars.

Perhaps you passed your test but haven’t driven in a while, driven mainly in another country and are now resident in the UK and require assistance in acclimatising to our road systems, need to restore your confidence after an accident or want to gain more experience on faster roads or night driving, then this could be for you.

Our instructors are friendly, patient and happy to help you, so please get in touch for a chat.

“Having been off work on maternity leave I was dreading returning to my job as a primary school teacher, as I would have to start driving to work. Previously I had been getting a lift every day with a colleague who left to go to another school while I was on leave, meaning I would need to brush up on my driving skills. I had not driven properly for about 3 years since passing my test and was nervous of getting behind the wheel again; this quickly evaporated though as my instructor did not treat me like a beginner but as took me at face value as someone who was a legitimate driver which boosted my confidence early on. I was keen to work on faster speed roads and roundabouts in particular as my journey to work would be an hour each way and I would have to negotiate these road conditions on a daily basis. I took about six sessions – and on one we traced the journey I would be doing each day – which was invaluable. I can even parallel park better now than when I learnt originally. Money well spent.”

Nicola, Southwick