The Practical Test

When the day of your practical test finally arrives, you will drive to the test centre – we recommend at least an hour and a half before your test time – taking in a variety of road conditions and giving enough time to check the reversing manouevres, emergency stop and anything in particular you want to focus on.

Before going out on test you will be asked if you would like your instructor/accompanying driver to join you on the test and whether you would like them to be present at the post-test debrief.

Sometimes practical tests will involve an additional examiner sitting in the back of the car. This is not to scrutinise your driving skills further but solely to monitor the examiner sitting next to you is conducting the test to the required standards.

The test on average lasts forty minutes and during this time you will be asked to:

• Read a registration plate at the required distance

• Answer two questions relating to car maintenance checks

• Follow the road ahead (unless directed by the examiner)

• Complete one of the reversing manoeuvres (demonstrating good observation and control)

• Perform the emergency or controlled stop (this is not conducted on every test)

• Drive independently for approximately ten minutes, following either road signs and markings or a series of diagrams shown to you by the examiner at separate intervals

At the end of the test when you are back at the test centre, the examiner will give you the result (if you have 15 driving faults or less with no Serious or Dangerous marks on your test report sheet,  you’ve passed!) The examiner will issue you with a pass certificate and mention any areas they consider would be constructive towards your driving. If you have been unsuccessful the debrief will detail any areas of your driving that need addressing before taking another practical test.

No matter if you are successful or unsuccessful, you will be given a copy of the driving test report.

For what to expect on the Practical test, watch this video…

To book your practical test online click here

Or by phone at 0300 200 1122

You will need your provisional licence, theory test certificate number and a valid debit or credit card to hand when booking your practical test.