Our minimum lesson is an hour long; we can tailor the length of appointments to fit in with your individual schedule. We also offer one-and-a-half  and two hour sessions. Three hour sessions are also offered – mainly when taking more intensive courses –  although these will be staggered to include breaks to avoid learning overload!

If you are a complete beginner your first hour and a half  session is only £8. This gives you more time to get to know us and our cars a little better. This longer initial lesson gives you more time to do what you need – getting behind the wheel and driving – we can also discuss what your aims are and whether you have a specific timeframe to pass your test and give you the honest advice you need in working towards success in both tests.

We also offer discounts of 5% on a block of 10 hours and 10% on a block of 20 hours, so even more reason to drop us a line, give us a call or send us a text to arrange your first lesson.

We offer flexibility and great value: we can pick you up and drop you off from any location in the area, perhaps from work or college and drop you home after your lesson. Whatever makes it easier for you!

We have a range of resources that will be included in your lessons to help you pass; syllabus handouts, theory test DVDs, online links to driving video clips.

Above all our experience and approach will help you through each stage and give you the tools needed on your way to success!