We have worked with many people to help them on their way to achieving their personal goals – and in the process have an enjoyable experience! – but don’t take our word for it, please read on to see a selection of our client testimonials:


“At 31, and having failed three practical driving tests as a teenager, I had more or less given up hope of ever being able to drive. So when my husband decided to surprise me last Christmas with a block booking of lessons, I have to admit I was more than a little anxious. It was scary getting back behind the wheel as I had lost all self confidence and the test had changed so much over the years from the one I remembered. However Simon, my instructor, put me at ease straight away. He was calm and patient – qualities I do not possess – which made me feel less pressured. He provided me with various learning materials to aid my development and also helped me work on the areas that I was less confident about, not just those which he thought needed work. As a teenager I spent a small fortune on countless lessons, but after just thirty hours with Simon I was ready to take my test – and passed with just two minor faults! I can’t thank him enough for helping me to get through something which I had built up in my own head to be such an ordeal – and my husband is happy he doesn’t have to be my chauffeur anymore.”

A Langdon, Shoreham by Sea


“After having been offered a job for which driving was essential I found myself in the stressful predicament of needing to pass my driving test in a minimal amount of time. It was at this point that I contacted Simon who in a friendly yet professional manner explained that he would be happy to help me on this journey. Throughout our lessons I found Simon to be a very competent and warm teacher who was able to adjust his style of explaining to suit my level of learning. This helped me to remain feeling excited yet safe about learning to drive, even after crossing lanes in the middle of a roundabout for the fourth time. Needless to say, I would warmly recommend Simon to anyone considering learning to drive.”

Axel I., central Brighton


“ I decided to take lessons with Simon as I found his prices extremely reasonable and I had heard some good recommendations about him. I had already had two previous driving instructors and felt like I was getting nowhere. As soon as I got in the car with Simon I felt at ease and two months later I had passed my driving test! Simon is an excellent driving instructor and I have already recommended him to all my friends!”

Kendelle C., Hove


“I’d always wanted be able to drive so when I turned 17 the first thing i wanted to do was learn to drive, however unfortunately I couldn’t start straight away as I couldn’t afford them. The reason I started to learn with Simon is because the lesson prices were very competitive and the tuition was very good quality, meaning I passed first time in around 3 months. Simon is very friendly and easy to talk to, helping to calm your nerves when you are driving. He is always very calm and makes it clear what you are doing well and where you can improve. The lessons are well structured always learning new skills as well as building on skills that you have learnt in previous lessons, helping to build your confidence and become a better driver. I would recommend Simon to anyone and would like to thank him for helping me to obtain my driving licence so quickly and trouble free.”

Jack S., Hangleton


“After turning 26 I decided it was finally time to learn to drive. Simon’s patient and friendly personality put me at ease which allowed me to learn at my own pace and grow in confidence. Now that I have passed I really look forward to driving and take every opportunity. I’d recommend Simon to any of my friends looking to learn to drive.”

Ben G., central Brighton


“I was introduced to Simon by a colleague from work after I was failed twice on the driving test. I was really sceptical about taking Simon as my instructor because of the really bad experience with my previous two instructors as these were only interested in taking the money rather than really preparing you for the test. One of the them even came from a well-known national Driving School named after a colour.

However, thanks to the dedication and patience of Simon I managed to pass. I believe Simon does really understand the frustrations and needs of people and knows how to focus on developing even further your strengths and working on your weaknesses so when you arrive at the test you’re fully prepared.”

Morella Z., Hove


“After graduating from university, I decided to start driving lessons as I wanted to add ‘clean driving licence’ to my CV. After a couple of months of fairly intensive lessons with one of the ‘big two’ national driving schools I was demotivated – my instructor had very little structure during lessons and I felt too much that I was always being upsold at the beginning of each appointment and we would always seem to drive in the same roads with very little learning taking place.  I was almost on the verge of knocking it on the head when a friend of mine recommended Forza and suggested I try a couple of lessons with them. Right from the start they looked to push me and see what I knew. Every time I finished a lesson I had an idea what the content of the next one would be. About a month after starting lessons with Forza I found out I had got a job I had interviewed for in Middlesex that started in the new year, and that would require me to have a driving licence. I stepped up my lessons and passed on my first attempt with 3 weeks to spare before my start date!  My confidence was the main issue I think as it dipped together with my enthusiasm, but with a lot of concise and clear instruction I looked forward to each session. I have already recommended Forza to several of my friends.”

Jennifer, Shoreham Beach


“I needed to get my driving licence because I have to travel to work in Peacehaven and my work hours would change every couple of weeks. A friend at work recommended Forza to me and I started lessons doing about one a week. Then my wife and I found out we were expecting a baby and I needed to pass more urgently. I am the sort of person that needs to be motivated from time to time and my instructor really pushed me and jumped on my mistakes, which I was grateful for. I took my test in December and passed on my first attempt – a week later our son was born and I was able to bring them home myself in the car I had bought a fortnight before. I can’t believe it all went to plan. Extremely great value for money. Thank  you to my instructor at Forza.”

Mohammed R., Portslade


“I started driving lessons with Simon after learning with a different company for 2 years so I already had a bit of experience driving. I had failed 2 driving tests and was feeling quite disheartened. I wasn’t happy with my previous instructor as he was expensive and arrogant! Simon was recommended to me through work and his rates were reasonable so I thought it was time to get driving again. After a few lessons with Simon I felt I had learnt much more about driving than in those previous 2 years. Simon is really patient, relaxed, and encouraging so it is easy to gain confidence driving without feeling self conscious or feeling like you’re rubbish. He will go at your own pace but will make you go over the parts of driving that you hate (hill starts & roundabouts for me) so much that they no longer bother you! He makes you feel so at ease that it’s like catching up with a friend for an hour or so and going for a drive. I really enjoyed my lessons but was so ecstatic when I passed the test. I thought Simon was such a great instructor that I recommended him to quite a few of my friends who have since passed their driving tests as well.”

Natalie S., Brighton


“I lost my licence earlier in the year due to an incident I was involved in – the first and only one in 23 years of driving – and had to take an extended re-test. I was genuinely worried that in the intervening years I had picked up some bad habits that would prevent me from regaining my full licence. On my first appointment with Simon he gave me an honest appraisal of my overall driving standard – which restored my confidence as I had visions of never driving again. We had several sessions – including a couple of mock tests that helped sharpen up my awareness and mirror work in particular- prior to my retest in Worthing and to my relief I passed  with no driving faults.”

David, Lancing


“I was 26 when I took my first lesson with Simon and the main reason was to have a licence for the future. I had road experience through cycling frequently but I never really felt the need to drive as I’ve always lived in the centre of Brighton and in all honesty dreaded the thought of learning! Simon was fantastic, very patient, put me at easy and to my shock, made it pretty enjoyable!

Baring in mind I was dreading learning and every time I had to go faster than 40 mph I hated it, I passed my test at the first attempt and just at the right time as I got a new job in Burgess Hill that meant I needed  a car! I love the freedom it has given me and couldn’t imagine not driving now. I highly recommend using Forza Driver Training.”

Kyley D., Haywards Heath (formerly Brighton)


“I started learning to drive with Forza as I had been promoted at work (working at a children’s centre in Portslade) and as a leader would eventually be required to drive through the different shifts I had to work. My main issue was having the confidence to drive; my instructor really encouraged me and told me to drive on my instincts more as that was holding me back. By the time my test came I felt ready – the mock tests we did helped a lot – and to my surprise I passed first time. I now have the bragging rights over my three brothers, who took two to three attempts to pass!”

Jess, central Brighton


“I wanted to learn to drive as a few of my mates at college had started lessons, also I thought it would be good to get my licence before I go on to university. I had taken lessons with another driving school but had been messed around and after seven or eight lessons felt like my learning curve had stalled and I gave up for about three months. A friend was having lessons with Forza and recommended I call them. From the very first lesson I picked up a few things that had never been properly explained to me before and my lessons had a proper structure. I passed my test in time for the summer and it gave me a real confidence boost.”

Dominic, Saltdean


“I decided to start to learn to drive, because at 23 years old, I thought that it was something I should get under my belt and I had been putting it off for years with a few lessons here and there. As I was new to the area and didn’t know anyone to give me a recommendation, I did some research on the internet and from what I found, Forza Driver Training’s prices were extremely competitive, which was the main reason I initially booked. I booked a block of lessons which made the cost even cheaper, and I loved learning to drive in the new Fiat 500!  I am happy to say I passed first time with only 4 driving faults, the week before my birthday!

I found Simon to be a professional, friendly, helpful and patient instructor who is always happy to help and guide you towards passing your driving test. He strikes the perfect balance between making someone comfortable in an often stressful situation and being able to provide excellent teaching techniques/tips which make passing your test that much easier.

If you are thinking of starting to learn to drive, look no further than Forza Driver Training.”

Emma B., Chichester (previously Brighton)


“I started to learn with Simon as he was recommended by my previous driving instructor following his retirement. Despite my early nerves over a new instructor and a different car, Simon very quickly reassured me and put me at ease. He has a very calm approach and is very patient. I never felt pressurised and was able to learn at my own pace. He is very reliable. I passed my test first time following Simon’s advice that I was ready and was very happy with the confidence Simon gave me through his lessons. I would recommend him to anybody  looking for an instructor.”

Bryony R., Portslade


“My experience learning with Forza was a very pleasant one. The environment I learned in was very friendly.  Simon is a great teacher and guide, extremely knowledgeable and very patient. He was able to fit in lessons around my busy schedule which enabled me to learn at my own pace. This also contributed to a more relaxed learning environment; I would recommend Simon to anyone!”

Josh H., Hove


“I always wanted to learn how to drive, but I was too scared. I always said to myself, maybe next year! Time kept passing and I didn’t make any move towards driving lessons.

Since moving from Italy to Brighton love came into my life and with it the prospect of creating a family. At that point in my life I realised that there was no point putting things off, if I wanted to be a good mum I had to be able to take my baby around and finally learn how to drive.

Through one of my partner’s clients I got in contact with Simon and I began my lessons. Simon is a very patient person, knows how to correct you without criticising you. My learning experience with him was pleasant and I was able to pass my test first time.

I have recommended Simon to a couple of friends of mine and anyone that is looking to start driving. My experience learning to drive was very good and a big thanks to Forza Driver Training.”

Melissa R., Hove